Wednesday, March 12, 2014

09:10Invited Talk: New Results for the 5G Tactile InternetFettweis
Short Presentations Poster Session A
09:55Pilot Coordination for Large-Scale Multi-Cell TDD SystemsNeumann, Gründinger, Joham, Utschick
10:00Reduced Rank TLS Array Interpolation for DOA EstimationMarinho, Antreich, Carvalho Lustosa da Costa, Nossek
10:05FBMC/OQAM for the Asynchronous Multi-User MIMO UplinkChen, Li, Haardt
10:10Fast Distributed Consensus-based Estimation for Cooperative Wireless Sensor NetworksXu, Paul, Wübben, Dekorsy
10:155G Cellular Wireless: Challenges, Solutions and Early PrototypingKotzsch
10:35Poster Session A with Coffee
Session: System Design
11:40Nano-Antenna Arrays for the Infrared RegimeSzakmany, Orlov, Bernstein, Porod, Bareiss, Lugli, Russer, Jirauschek, Russer, Ivrlac, Nossek
12:00Transmission Strategies for MIMO Overlay Spectrum SharingLv, Jorswieck
12:20Adapting Compressed Sensing Algorithms to Discrete Sparse SignalsSparrer, Fischer
12:40Spatial Shaping and Precoding Design for Underlay MIMO Interference ChannelsLameiro, Utschick, Santamaria
14:30Invited Talk: Parasitic antenna arrays: A tool for MIMO transmissionPapadias
Session: Circuit Design
15:15A Novel Single RF Transmitter for Massive MIMOSedaghat, Müller, Fischer
15:35On Matching Strategies for Wireless ReceiversLehmeyer, Ivrlac, Nossek
Session: DoA Estimation
16:25Information-Preserving Spatial Filtering for Direction-of-Arrival EstimationStein, Castaneda, Nossek
16:45Polarimetric Compressive Sensing Based DOA EstimationRoemer, Ibrahim, Alieiev, Landmann, Thomä, Del Galdo
17:15Guided Tour Fraunhofer IIS
19:30Dinnerat the Fraunhofer ISS

Thursday, March 13, 2014

08:30Towards 1000x Data Capacity Increase for Wireless NetworksMontojo
Short Presentations Poster Session B
09:15Link adaption for LTE-A systems employing MMSE turbo equalizationCheema, Grossmann, Landmann, Del Galdo
09:20Directivity of Monopoles Forming a UCA and Resolution Capability of MUSICStefer, Schneider
09:25Error Profiling for Indoor Localization with Angle of ArrivalNieuwenhuyse, De Strycker, Nauwelaers
09:30Improved Bias Cancellation and Header Communication for Random Gossiping-based Static Wireless Sensor NetworksChen, Kuehne, Klein
09:35MIMO channels with block-independent phase noise processesAlfano, Taricco, Tarable, Camarda, Montorsi
09:40Poster Session B with Coffee
Session: Networking
10:40Analysis and Implementation for Physical-Layer Network Coding with Carrier Frequency OffsetWu, Ludwig, Woltering, Wübben, Dekorsy, Paul
11:00Full-Duplex Decode-and-Forward Relaying with Limited Self-Interference CancellationTaghizadeh, Mathar
11:20MISO Broadcasting FBMC System for Highly Frequency Selective ChannelsNewinger, Gomes Baltar, Swindlehurst, Nossek
11:40Fractional Reuse for LTE-Advanced MIMO NetworksDotzler, Dietrich, Dietl, Utschick
12:15Invited Talk: Massive MIMO for next generation wireless systemsLarsson
Session: Signal Processing
14:30Intercell Interference Robustness Tradeoff with Loosened Covariance ShapingBrunner, Dotzler, Utschick, Nossek
14:50Noncoherent Joint Decision-Feedback Detection in Multi-User Massive MIMO SystemsFischer, Bense, Stierstorfer
15:10Bit Error Probability for Pilot-Symbol-Aided OFDM Channel Estimation in Doubly-Selective ChannelsNissel, Lerch, Simko, Rupp
15:30A Deterministic Initialization for Optimizing Carrier-Cooperative Transmit StrategiesHellings, Utschick